Thursday, December 20, 2012

Anti-gun Morons.

OK, so here is a great example of how fucking stupid and ignorant the gun control crowd is.

The gun on top is a military issue gun.  It fires a larger, faster round than gun #2 (even if it weren't a paintball gun).  But #2 is black and scary looking.  So there must not be any legitimate use for it.

Both guns do the same thing.  But #1 can kill you from farther away.  The difference is purely aesthetic.

As for the question posed, why not ask the millions of people who own and use guns like #2 and who never commit any crimes with them.  You'll get plenty of valid answers.

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  1. I looked you up when i read your comment on "There are a lot of houses that pre-date the US government. And plenty of families who have owned such properties continuously since before the US. So you are saying they don't have to pay taxes?"
    Keep up the good fight!